When it comes to fire ventilation systems, we favour:

Smoke ventilation systems, which remove smoke and heat from the protected space at the moment of the outbreak of fire.They allow the safe evacuation of users by keeping the escape route free from smoke.

Smoke prevention systems, which prevent the influx of smoke from the fire zone to the protected zone by producing an adequate pressure difference. In both cases, the primary purpose of using fire ventilation systems is to protect human life by ensuring the safe evacuation of the building on fire.

For powering and controlling the fire ventilation systems we use certificated ZEOS CP02 and CP03 control units. All listed products are available in the offer of our company. We design and implement automation systems for aeration staircases – we have the necessary documents for installation control depending on the signal from the reeds and/ or differential pressure transmitters.

We offer

Technical support at the guideline preparation stage and in the overall design of the automation system and its implementation and installation.

Comprehensive implementation of automation for fire ventilation systems in underground garages, tunnels, atriums, smoke extraction and aeration spaces, stairways, etc.

Support in collections of the installation by the Fire Brigade and during the trial phase. Thanks to our many years of practice in this area, the systems we design meet all the demands posed by a fire.

Complete post-installation documentation, including the necessary measurement protocols, and protocols for testing and start-up.

User training in the operation of the system.

Elements of the system

product 0 ZEOS CP03 control unit

ZEOS CP03 control unit

product 1 ZEOS CP02 control unit

ZEOS CP02 control unit