Fire Alarm System installation is required in many public buildings. This is regulated by the relevant laws and regulations. The effects of a fire which develops in an uncontrolled manner may result in the loss of material goods and can even cause health problems or death. The task of the Fire Alarm System is to detect a fire and raise the alarm to ensure the safety of users, providing for a quick and safe evacuation and limiting damage to the building and related material loss by reducing the time between the detection of the fire and action being taken to extinguish it.

We offer

A comprehensive fire alarm system design with its implementation. We design and manufacture systems based on elements of the renowned and proven company Schrack-Seconet. We provide a design that complies with applicable standards and regulations.

Selection of appropriate devices: fire detectors, manual call points, the control panel along with the selection of batteries, monitoring and control modules, visual and acoustic sirens as well as cabling.

For the installations we carry out, we prepare as-built documentation, we offer assistance in commissioning and commissioning, we perform the necessary as-built measurements.