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We implement all projects commissioned to us comprehensively. Starting from system design, through their implementation and commissioning, to service. Our work is carried out in residential, service and public buildings. Depending on the length of the warranty period of a given facility, our clients use paid surveys - major and periodic, in accordance with the control and maintenance rules. They are carried out every 6 months since commissioning of the installation on the site.

The extensive experience of our technical team provides customers with support also in the later stages of the functioning of buildings. We provide services for facilities where the warranty has already expired. We service existing ones:

  • fire ventilation installations
  • maintenance ventilation installations
  • fire alarm installations
  • gas detection installations
  • aeration staircases installations

In total, SYSTEQ employs over a dozen people, including qualified engineers and a professional technical team for service in the fields of: electrics, automation (including industrial automation) and electrical engineering. In addition, we cooperate with a fixed group of reliable and proven subcontractors.

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