In underground garages polluted by exhaust fumes, the best indicator of air quality is carbon monoxide, which can cause the fatal poisoning of people residing in the garage. Law requires the use of gas detection systems in garages of more than 10 berths. In addition, underground garages allowing the parking of LPG vehicles should be equipped with ventilation controlled by detectors for the concentration of this gas. The concentrations of particular gases in the air should be continuously monitored at various places in the garage and the exceeding of a certain level should result in the activation of ventilation and, in the event of high concentrations, the corresponding alarm for the evacuation of the garage.

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Design and implementation of the gas detection systems for CO/LPG/CNG, along with the power and control cabinet for the system. The project includes the arrangement and selection of gas detectors, warning panels and cabling, a description of the operation of the system, and guidelines for the other sectors.

Selection of the equipment based on the specificity of the object and requirements of the customer.

Elements of the system

product 0 Gas detection device

Gas detection device