The gathering for Zdzisław Włodarczyk for the athletics championship of Europe masters to Venice has come to an end.

"There is no one in Suchedniów who would not find the name of Zdzisław Włodarczyk. I think everyone knows exactly who this man is and how much he has done for several generations of residents of the city of Suchedniów! "- this is how the collection description on started.

Zdzisław Włodarczyk started as an athlete, then he fulfilled himself as a trainer and activist.

For years, associated with Orlicz Suchedniów, where he is a announcer. He is still pulling on athletics arenas and that's why he competes in masters, or veteran championships. At the recently completed Athletics Championships of Polish Masters in Bialystok, Zdzisław Włodarczyk won gold at 80 m by hurdles and silver in long jump. In September this year, another event - the European championship, which will take place in Venice.

And this event became an impulse to set up the collection. It was done by Katarzyna Pająk, a friend of Zdzisław Włodarczyk

We believe in the power of helping, which is why SYSTEQ was one of the sponsors of the collection. To the battle, Mr. Zdzisław!